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Alibaba confers elite status on 100,000 super users

More than 100,000 users of Taobao and Tmall have been conferred ‘Alibaba Passport’ holders - as they spend an average of US$45,000 collectively on the online shopping sites every year.


Guy eats record 72 hot dogs in 10 minute

A US man has successfully defended his title for the 10th year in a row - by eating 72 hot dogs in 10 minutes. Joey Chestnut, from California, was crowned winner in front of a delighted crowd at Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, held in Coney Island each Fourth of July.


Will Trump-Putin meet see new start for US foreign policy?

US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin are to meet ...


Chinglish signs may be a thing of the past if talks of new rules prove to be tru

HILARIOUSLY bad English signs may be a thing of the past by the end of the year, ...


Is it safe to go to school by donkey?

Li Li, a father from Chengdu, China, takes his 3-year-old son to kindergarten each day riding on a donkey. As a firm upholder of traditional Chinese culture, Li teaches his son classic Chinese poetry


American student interpreting Confucius wisdom at graduation ceremony

On July 5, Peking University held a graduation ceremony for this year’s graduate students. A graduate student from America, who goes by the Chinese name Ai Wen, talked about his interpretation of the


Tokyo: The side effect of to curb sexual

Tokyo’s move to curb sexual exploitation of schoolgirls could push underage dat ...


Chinese bank staff close to retching cou

Employees at a bank in southwest China spen ...


THAT'S what we call efficiency!

A major overpass has been demolished in just eight hours after a local government dispatched more than 200 diggers to work together on the site, reports said. Demolition of the Longwangmiao Overpass i


Backpacking with 84-year-old mom to Tibet

Song Jianhui and his 84-year-old mom pause to take a photo on their way to Tibet. [Photo: qq.com] Over the course of 17 days, 54-year-old Song Jianhui and his mom traveled 5,000 kilometers on a motorc


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